Developer Advocacy Leader

Lead the charge on evangelizing Redpanda to the developer community with technical thought leadership, meetup and conference talks, coding live streams, active social engagement and developer empathy.

We are building Redpanda, a real-time streaming engine for modern applications. Redpanda is used by Fortune 1000 enterprises pushing hundreds of terabytes a day, and by the solo dev prototyping a React application on her laptop. We go beyond the Kafka protocol into the future of streaming, with inline WASM transforms and geo-replicated hierarchical storage. Think of it as a data API platform that scales with you from the smallest projects to petabytes of data distributed across the globe. We are on a mission to enable every developer to supercharge their real time applications.

We’re looking for an experienced developer advocate who will report to our VP of Marketing and will lead our efforts in building the awareness and use of Redpanda in the developer community. You will be our first developer advocate and will help to shape the function at our company. You will have the opportunity to join an early team and influence a rapidly growing, engaged community of developers via technically authentic interactions and content that showcases the power, the ease of use and the value of Redpanda. This is a cross-functional role that will require close collaboration across marketing, sales and product management to identify the themes and topics for technical content, as well as collaboration with external content producers when necessary.

You will

  • Build complete sample applications and code-intensive content to illustrate the key differentiators of

  • Evangelize Redpanda via developer-centric channels including Twitch, Twitter, Youtube, Slack, Stackoverflow, Reddit, Hacker News etc.

  • Participate in community conferences, meetups and webinars, deliver talks and livestreams as appropriate.

  • Develop relationships with your counterparts in the community including partner advocates (and competitors), and influencers, and foster trust.

  • Engage continuously with product and engineering teams to provide feedback on Redpanda’s end-to-end developer experience.

  • Assist the marketing team in designing developer outreach campaigns, and support marketing launches and demand generation various campaigns with appropriate community activities.

  • Collaborate with, and provide technical edits to internal and external writers.

  • Build and maintain a quarterly roadmap for your content and activity based on business priorities, measure the impact of each activity, and use the data to iterate on your roadmap.

  • Stay current with the data platforms market and identify opportunities for showcasing Redpanda with emerging infrastructure and data stacks.

  • Become a subject matter expert on topics not limited to streaming data, event processing, real-time applications, cloud-native development, databases, serverless applications.

You have

  • Passion for all things developer experience, social engagement, and fostering relationships in developer communities.

  • Hands-on experience in creating code-intensive content in various formats such as videos, live streams, and blogs.

  • Public speaking experience and desire to present in webinars, small and large groups, meetups and conferences.

  • Demonstrated engagement on Twitter, Twitch,, Stackoverflow and other developer-centric channels.

  • Creativity, curiosity, wit, humor, and a sense of collaboration in your creative process.

  • Meticulous project management skills, high bar for content quality and empathy for collaborating in remote teams.

  • A framework for measuring performance via metrics and decisions based on data.

  • Curiosity to experiment with new technologies and stay abreast of current developments.

  • 5+ years experience in building distributed data applications, including real-time and batch processing systems.

  • Proficiency in written English, with examples of work that demonstrates your ability to simplify complex concepts for developers.