Developer Experience Engineer

Help pioneer the best developer ecosystem

We are building Redpanda, a real-time streaming engine for modern applications. Redpanda is used by Fortune 1000 enterprises pushing hundreds of terabytes a day, and by the solo dev prototyping a React application on her laptop. We go beyond the Kafka protocol into the future of streaming, with inline WASM transforms and geo-replicated hierarchical storage. Think of it as a data API platform that scales with you from the smallest projects to petabytes of data distributed across the globe.

We are on a mission to enable every developer to supercharge their real-time applications. In this role, we are seeking an engineer that simplifies the lives of our users and enables them to run Redpanda at its best. This role is open to all skill levels: you can either drop directly in with a lot of scope and responsibility, or you can start small. We will provide you as much help and guidance as you need to be successful. This role requires strong sympathy for users: we want to enable developers and power users, but we also want to enable those with little technical background and those that have no experience with distributed logging systems. That, and a passion to grow and develop good, maintainable code are keys to success.

You Will

  • Contribute to the success of our open source rpk cli tool, striving to identify and eliminate pain points users run into when learing about, working with, and operating Redpanda. As well, work with our support org to make their lives easier in their support of customers.

  • Work with customers, product, support, and engineering to determine the best set of features to support and the best ways to support them.

  • Write clear documentation that allows users to learn everything they need know at the terminal, and work with the docs team to contribute to and review expanded walkthroughs and examples for our website.

  • Review contributions from developers not directly involved in the project, providing thoughtful feedback so as to merge solid code everybody is happy with.

  • Investigate performance characteristics of servers to automate the ideal Redpanda setup on any hardware. You will often lean on and learn from the expertise of others: integrating their knowledge into code requires learning at least some of what is going on.

  • Deeply learn the Kafka protocol and the features Redpanda provides.

  • Make the lives of our users drop-dead simple!

You’ll be part of a diverse team with members in both US (New York City, San Francisco, San Diego, Austin, Denver) and international locations, including Colombia, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Japan, and growing!

You have

  • Passion for making people’s lives easier.

  • Strong sympathy for user confusion and pain points: if one user vocalizes negative feedback, odds are ten are silently thinking the same thing.

  • Deep understanding of Go and Go idioms.

  • Care about code quality, and the beauty of well written code.

  • Curiosity to investigate unknown systems, finding out why some things work, some things do not, and some things do but not as well as you expect.

  • Experience diving into large, unknown domains and being able to incrementally drive projects to success.

  • Excellent written communication skills.

  • Comfortable working with a 100% distributed engineering team, collaborating on GitHub, Slack, and Zoom.

Nice to haves (not requirements, but please indicate if these are relevant):

  • Experience developing and deploying distributed systems.

  • Experience investigating and benchmarking operating systems and servers.

  • Knowledge of Kafka or the Kafka protocol.

  • Experience with kubernetes.