Digital Marketing Manager

Oversee Digital Marketing programs at Redpanda, managing paid SEM and social advertising and report on campaign effectiveness.

We are building Redpanda, a real-time streaming engine for modern applications. Redpanda is used by Fortune 1000 enterprises pushing hundreds of terabytes a day, and by the solo dev prototyping a React application on her laptop. We go beyond the Kafka protocol into the future of streaming, with inline Wasm transforms and geo-replicated hierarchical storage. Think of it as a data API platform that scales with you from the smallest projects to petabytes of data distributed across the globe. We are on a mission to enable every developer to supercharge their real-time applications.

In this role, we’re looking for an experienced digital manager to oversee and plan for the performance of our Sales Development team. We’re looking for a player coach with this role—someone who will both do outreach on his/her own, while also managing the team, working to find optimizations in our outreach and reporting team results.

You will

  • Lead marketing campaigns from the idea stage through to their execution and implementation.

  • Build logical media plans against established budgets and KPIs.

  • Monitor and evaluate online media campaigns to keep them fresh and effective.

  • Analyze campaign performance and facilitate optimizations to meet KPIs.

  • Work cross-functionally with other Marketing and Sales team members to ensure campaign learnings are shared and leveraged optimally.

  • Stay current with emerging opportunities in the digital marketing world.

You have

  • A proven track record of handling strategic online initiatives.

  • Demonstrated the ability to report business driving metrics on campaign effectiveness.

  • Worked closely with other Go-to-Market staff when creating digital marketing plans and strategies.

  • An understanding of the social landscape, including trends, changes in the platform and how Twitter and other channels have evolved to performance-based media channels.

  • Experience buying media across Twitter, LinkedIn and other emerging channels. Understanding of B2B software and open source software (preferred).