Engineering Manager, Cloud

Lead a team of cloud experts building the future of streaming

We are building a Saas offering with Redpanda, a real-time streaming engine for modern applications. Redpanda is used by Fortune 1000 enterprises pushing hundreds of terabytes a day, and by the solo dev prototyping a React application on her laptop. We go beyond classic fully managed solutions with BYOC where we run clusters for our customers.

We are on a mission to enable every developer to supercharge their real-time applications.

You Will

  • Lead and manage a team of distributed cloud and k8s engineers working on Redpanda Cloud.

  • Recruit top-tier engineers to the team

  • Provide career development guidance and structure to members of the team

  • Manage execution of projects that the team takes on

  • Contribute and implement appropriate structure and process that enhances team happiness and efficiency

  • Participate in technical design and drive technical vision

  • Contribute to the code base of our cloud

  • Collaborate with product managers and SREs to deliver solutions to challenging distributed systems problems and cloud problems

You’ll be part of a diverse team with members in both US (New York City, San Francisco, San Diego, Austin, Denver) and international locations, including Colombia, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Japan, and growing!

You Have

  • A passion for working on deeply technical projects and wanting to work on kubernetes, public cloud, distributed systems and event based architecture.

  • Previous experience managing a cross-functional team

  • Good understanding of Kubernetes, public cloud, Kafka and Terraform

  • Comfortable working with a 100% distributed engineering team, collaborating on GitHub, in the open and a self starter.

  • Strong background in coding

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Kindly highlight if applicable to you

Please highlight any of the following

  • Knowledge of Linux

  • Experience working on databases or other storage systems

  • Ability to investigate network and DNS issues

  • Knowledge of React and Node.js