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A safer streaming data platform than Kafka

Redpanda is a modern streaming data platform for developers. It’s API compatible with Kafka yet faster, easier to use and significantly less expensive. Redpanda transactions are strictly serializable, and have zero data loss by default — and without impacting performance. So you can simplify application code and build more reliable real-time applications, knowing that you never lose your data.

Zero data loss by default icon

Zero data loss by default

Without impacting p99 latencies icon

Without impacting p99 latencies

No complex configurations necessary icon

No complex configurations necessary

Compare Redpanda and Kafka
Redpanda in comparison
 Kafkaredpanda Redpanda
Kafka API compatible✔️✔️
Support for Kafka connectors✔️✔️
Support for schema registry
Requires a separate binary
Support for HTTP proxy
Requires a separate binary
Single binary to deploy and manage✔️
Zookeeper®-free operations✔️
JVM-free environment✔️
Automatic HW optimization✔️
Automatic data and load rebalancing✔️
Scalable partition limit200,0002,000,000+
Predictable low latency under high load✔️
Up to 4x faster Kafka transactions✔️
Zero data loss by default
Reduces performance
Wasm-based data transforms*✔️
Native support for Prometheus✔️
* On the way
Kafka® API compatible icon

Kafka® API compatible

Leverage the entire Kafka® ecosystem, from Elasticsearch to TensorFlow.

No Data Loss icon

No Data Loss

Rest easy knowing your data is safe, by default.

10x Faster icon

10x Faster

A new storage engine built for today’s hardware.

Engineered from the ground up for today’s hardware

Safe by default icon
Safe by default

Redpanda leverages the Raft consensus algorithm for managing the replicated log, giving you sound primitives for configuration and data-replication. No matter the scale, we keep your data safe.

No ZooKeeper® icon
No ZooKeeper®

We eliminated Zookeeper to streamline operations. Redpanda requires no code changes. Plug-and-play all your existing applications, connectors, and the entire ecosystem.

Built for performance icon
Built for performance

Redpanda is a new storage engine, optimized for streaming data, using a thread-per-core architecture focused on delivering stable tail-latencies. Using true async interfaces, Redpanda can saturate any device.

Do more with less icon
Do more with less

Redpanda takes advantage of every core, memory, disk and network byte. Designed from the ground up in C++ to extract the most value from your infrastructure.

Self tuning icon
Self tuning

Free yourself from the tuning whack-a-mole. Redpanda Keeper (RPK) automatically tunes your kernel to yield the optimal settings for your hardware+kernel+redpanda combination, every time.

Wasm-based data transforms icon
Wasm-based data transforms

Transform data with our WebAssembly-based engine. Implement simple use cases like data scrubbing or enrichment without complex processing tools.

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