Funding to fuel development of Redpanda and its cloud services.

ByAlexander GallegoonJanuary 26, 2021
Redpanda creates Redpanda, the Intelligent Data API Platform, backed by $15.5M initial funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners and GV

Redpanda, Inc., the Intelligent Data API company, today announced the general availability of Redpanda, the Intelligent Data API Platform. Redpanda also announced $15.5 million in a combination of Seed and Series A funding led by Lightspeed Venture Partners with participation by GV. The funding will be used to accelerate product innovation, including Redpanda Cloud Services, and go-to-market activities.

Arif Janmohamed, General Partner at LSVP and Redpanda board member, commented in his Medium post:

“Alex has dedicated his career to building real-time, data streaming infrastructure, and is a rare technical talent who can both build and explain what he’s building.”

A modern platform for real-time applications

Apache Kafka® was invented over a decade ago inside of LinkedIn at a time when the infrastructure team could take advantage of inexpensive storage disks. Since then storage performance and cost have dramatically improved since then with modern disks being 1,000 times faster than a decade prior.

Over this same decade, it became essential for enterprises to react in real-time to the ever-increasing data volume, velocity, and variety. However as organizations moved to an event-driven infrastructure, they quickly found themselves drowning in the complexity of how to actually operationalize open source components at scale.

Identifying this enterprise dilemma, Redpanda began developing Redpanda with the mission to build an Intelligent Data API: a way to unify historical and real-time data, leveraging the largest programming ecosystem for real-time applications with a focus on simplifying infrastructure.

“We care about reliability and performance at Zenly, so no Zookeeper and 10x faster was a no brainer,” said Jean-Baptiste Dalido, Head of Infrastructure Engineering at Zenly. “What excites me the most is the WebAssembly feature, as it enables us to create a ‘Data Firewall’, the last mile of access, transforms and policy.”

Today, Redpanda has delivered the most reliable (Validating consistency and the absence of data loss in Redpanda) Kafka-API compatible streaming platform in the world. By decoupling the Kafka-API from Kafka-the-system, Redpanda enables enterprises to get 10x better performance and zero data loss in a single binary. Further, Redpanda requires zero code changes to existing enterprise applications.

“We’re inverting the relationship of shipping data to code and instead shipping code to data and enterprise infrastructure teams love us for it,” said Alexander Gallego, founder and CEO of Redpanda. “By unifying access and management over both their legacy and real-time data with Redpanda, our enterprise customers are now delivering better and more reliable results to their stakeholders.”

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Redpanda Inc., the Intelligent Data API company, created Redpanda to deliver enterprises with a modern data-streaming platform for mission-critical applications. Redpanda is building a family of products designed to reliably transform data streams into data products by unifying historical and real-time data, enabling inline Lambda transformations, all exposed under a drop-in Kafka-API replacement. Redpanda was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in San Francisco. To learn more, please visit, download Redpanda, or join our Slack community.

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