Redpanda Cloud brings operational simplicity, powerful performance, and cost-efficiency to your Apache Kafka® workloads on AWS. Run all your mission-critical data streams without those migraine-inducing AWS bills!

What's the deal?

Not all streaming data services can handle mission-critical workloads. Amazon MSK is one of many services built on Kafka (a legacy infrastructure), making its performance unreliable and expensive for high throughput workloads. Redpanda Cloud is built on a powerful streaming data engine that uses Kafka APIs—but without the cost or complexity—and supports mission-critical, high-performance data streams with up to 10x lower latency and 6x lower total cost of ownership (TCO) versus Kafka.

Compare your options

AWS offers a marketplace of options to support your real-time data streams. Two popular choices for fully managed data streaming are Redpanda Cloud and Amazon MSK. When evaluating these services, it’s critical to think about your needs for administration, performance, and reliability.

CapabilityRedpanda CloudAmazon MSKDetails
Fully managed streaming data platformGreen check icon.-Redpanda Cloud includes brokers, HTTP proxy, schema registry, and Raft consensus built-in. MSK offers Kafka brokers and ZooKeeper nodes; HTTP proxy and schema registry need to be self-managed.
Fully managed upgrades and patchingGreen check icon.-Version upgrades and patching are fully managed by Redpanda. MSK provides automatic hardware patches, but version upgrades are self-managed by the customer.
Apache Kafka compatibilityGreen check icon.Green check icon.Both solutions offer a native Kafka API, no need to rewrite existing apps.
Integrated user interfaceGreen check icon.-Redpanda Console is a fully integrated user interface, also compatible with Kafka. With MSK, must use 3rd party tools like Redpanda Console.
Flexible Single and Multi-AZ deploymentsGreen check icon.-Redpanda cloud offers Single-AZ and Multi-AZ deployment options. MSK offers Multi-AZ only which means complexity even when you don’t require it.
Data and partition balancingGreen check icon.-Redpanda Cloud features automatic data and partition balancing, allowing for hands-free ops. With MSK, you need a 3rd party tool (Cruise Control) for partition and data balancing.
Integrated monitoringGreen check icon.Green check icon.Redpanda Cloud offers monitoring available natively via Prometheus. In the case of MSK, monitoring available via CloudWatch (charged separately).
Managed data connectorsGreen check icon.-With Redpanda Cloud, you get fully managed connectors for popular databases, storage, and analytics tools. MSK offers only self-managed connectors.
Multi-cloudGreen check icon.-Redpanda Cloud supports AWS and GCP today (Azure coming soon). Amazon MSK is limited to AWS.
CapabilityRedpanda CloudAmazon MSKDetails
Up to 10x performance of KafkaGreen check icon.-Redpanda Cloud leverages Redpanda platform, which achieves up to 10x lower average latencies vs Apache Kafka. Amazon MSK is based on vanilla Apache Kafka.
Optimized resource efficiencyGreen check icon.-Redpanda uses 3-6x fewer compute resources than Apache Kafka when running the same workload, allowing for lower cloud spend in Redpanda Cloud. Amazon MSK is based on vanilla Apache Kafka.
Tiered storageGreen check icon.LimitedRedpanda Cloud features tiered storage to support retention limits and compaction for topics. However, with MSK, due to Kafka limitation, compacted topics cannot use tiered storage.
CapabilityRedpanda CloudAmazon MSKDetails
DurabilityGreen check icon.-Redpanda Cloud uses Raft-native replication and is Jepsen-verified to be safe for data. MSK uses Apache Kafka ISR for replication, which can be subject to unsafe leader election and data loss.
SLAGreen check icon.Green check icon.Both services feature a 99.9% uptime SLA.
Data sovereigntyGreen check icon.Green check icon.Redpanda offers BYOC clusters, where data doesn’t leave your VPC, whether in AWS or GCP. In MSK, data doesn’t leave your VPC (limited to AWS)

With Redpanda Cloud, your cluster operations are fully managed by Redpanda SREs, including upgrades and patching with zero downtime, backup and recovery, data and partition balancing, and 24/7 support. All backed by a 99.9% uptime SLA.


Redpanda Cloud offers a complete streaming data platform in one fully managed service, including brokers, HTTP proxy, and schema registry. That leaves zero external dependencies for you to manage. And it's easy to get going with Redpanda's developer-friendly console, CLI, and API interfaces.


Redpanda's streaming data engine was designed to maximize the performance potential of modern infrastructure, resulting in 10x lower average latencies vs. Apache Kafka and Kafka-based services. This is due to innovations like Thread-per-Core architecture, C++ design, and async processing.

Data Sovereignty

Redpanda's Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) offers a fully managed service, while keeping data in your own VPC environment to satisfy compliance and regulatory requirements. No more tradeoffs on operational agility and data sovereignty. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

Cost Efficiency

Redpanda Cloud helps reduce your infrastructure spend because its efficient streaming data engine runs on 3x fewer compute resources on average vs Apache Kafka. Redpanda's native S3 storage delivers up to 8-9x savings in long term data retention costs.


Redpanda Cloud offers reliable data streaming at scale with data safety, thanks to its Raft-based replication. It provides enterprise stability with automatic data and partition balancing, fully managed upgrades and patching, and high availability with a 99.9% uptime SLA. 


Redpanda Cloud offers managed connectors for the most popular data platforms including MongoDB, Snowflake, S3, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and more. Additionally, Redpanda's native Kafka API integrates with the full range of Kafka ecosystem tools. 

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