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WebAssembly: The definitive guide

Learn the elements of Wasm while building to concrete, code-driven examples of practical uses.

Kafka vs Redpanda comparison report

Learn what Redpanda has in common with Apache Kafka® and what sets it apart.

Redpanda's official Jepsen report

Analysis of our official Jepsen report, including a look at write-write conflicts in the Apache Kafka® protocol.

Redpanda architecture and sizing guide

Our recommended guidelines for sizing production Redpanda clusters.

Build operational systems with Redpanda

Exploring event-driven microservice architectures for payments systems.


Here you'll find upcoming and on-demand talks by Redpanda and our customers.

On-Demand Webinar
Building a distributed data platform for the hospitality industry

Hotels Network CTO ​​Jordi Miró Bruix shares how his team built a distributed real-time data platform that processes >10PB per month. 

Redpanda Jepsen report webinar

Kyle Kingsbury has made a career of improving the safety of distributed systems. With his Jepsen test, he explores whether a system lives up to its claims, files new bugs, and makes recommendations for operators.

Performance comparison: Graviton2 Arm vs Intel X86

Roko Kruse steps us through the performance of Graviton-based systems vs x86 hardware for real-time streaming data applications.

Bringing transactionality to the streaming ecosystem

Roko Kruze gives an architectural overview of Redpanda and shows how it brings durability and replayability to real-time systems.

Simplifying streaming data transforms with Wasm

James Kinley provides an overview of a Wasm-based data transformation architecture, and shows how it can improve real-time applications and data pipelines.


Check out upcoming and on-demand virtual workshop sessions.

On-demand workshop
Getting started with Redpanda

In our beginner's guide to Redpanda we covered architecture, show commonalities and differences from Kafka®, and answer live questions throughout.

On-demand workshop
Working with Redpanda

This session is for those looking for techniques, tips and tricks for best use of Redpanda. We will cover configuration, replication, high availability and more.

On-demand workshop
Tiered storage architecture

Learn about our ground-breaking tiered-storage architecture and how to leverage object stores for limitless ingestion and retention of data.

Redpanda benchmarks

See the findings of our performance-obsessed engineers.

Redpanda vs Apache Kafka

This blog post covers what's great about Apache Kafka® API and where we found room for improvement.

Arm vs Intel comparison benchmark

Comparing Graviton-based systems vs x86 hardware for real-time applications.

Redpanda vs Kafka transactions

See how with Redpanda you don't have to choose between transactionality and performance.

Redpanda vs Kafka replication protocols

An availability footprint of the Redpanda and Apache Kafka® replication protocols.

Tech talks

Watch our tech visionaries draw out Redpanda subsystems, interfaces, and more.

Tech Talk
From batch to real-time: The evolution of streaming data

Redpanda founder Alex Gallego live-draws the evolution of streaming data and what’s left to do in building real-time data infrastructure.

Tech Talk
Unify real-time and historical data with Shadow Indexing

Redpanda founder Alex Gallego talks and illustrates how we built our Shadow Indexing tiered storage system for limitless ingestion and retention of data.

Tech Talk
Optimizing Redpanda's read path for tiered storage

Redpanda founder and CEO Alex Gallego discusses Redpanda internals, live-drawing about how we optimize the read path for tiered storage.

Tech Talk
Write path optimizations for tiered storage

Redpanda founder Alex Gallego illustrates subsystems, this time focusing on write path optimizations for tiered storage.

Tech Talk
Redpanda's internal communication infrastructure

Redpanda creator Alex Gallego illustrates the custom RPC library used by Redpanda for blazing-fast, CPU-efficient communication between servers.

Tech Talk
A demonstration of Redpanda Console (Kowl)

Alex Gallego is joined by Kowl co-creator Martin Schneppenheim for an overview of what the Kowl UI brings to the Redpanda product suite.

Tech Talk
Migrating from Confluent Cloud to Redpanda

Watch a migration from Confluent Cloud to Redpanda, and get an overview of Redpanda’s compatibility with Apache Kafka®.

Tech Talk
See how consumer groups work in Redpanda

Principal engineer Noah Watkins joins Alex Gallego to discuss (and draw) how Redpanda consumer groups differ from those in Kafka.

Tech Talk
Fireside chat with LinkedIn's Kafka and Samza teams

We talk to LinkedIn's Apache Kafka® and Samza teams and dive deep into the technical architecture of Redpanda.

The Data Engineering Podcast Episode 152

Tobias and Alex discuss Redpanda as an Apache Kafka® replacement for mission critical workloads.

Tech Talk
Redpanda talk at Performance Summit

How we built a new storage engine from scratch using a thread-per-core architecture for predictable tail latencies.

Tech Talk
Building a complete IoT backend with Redpanda and Tinybird

Learn how to build a complete IoT backend in 45 minutes using Redpanda and Tinybird.

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