Redpanda Console gives you a simple, interactive approach for gaining visibility into your topics, masking data, managing consumer groups, and exploring real-time data with time-travel debugging.

A single pane of glass

One place to manage all Kafka ecosystem modules including brokers, topics, consumers, connectors, users and access.

Easy config. Easy life.

Built developer-first, Redpanda Console enables a more productive Kafka development experience.

A Shield Icon with a Red Check Mark In the Middle.

Troubleshoot at scale

Quickly and easily spot problems across all your data flow, debug the root cause and fix data issues.

Everything you need to manage your Redpanda or 3rd party Kafka clusters, in an easy to use Kafka web UI.

Comprehensive Kafka administration

Manage your entire Kafka ecosystem with ease, no extra tooling required.

  • Insights into clusters, brokers, topics and partitions

  • Monitor consumers and consumer lag

  • Edit consumer group offsets with ease

  • Complete Schema Registry management

  • Manage connectors and Kafka Connect clusters

Kafka data observability

Spot issues and fix them quickly, using a combination of tools to help you debug your message flow.

  • Message explorer with human-readable data display

  • Integrated with schema registry

  • Time travel debugging

  • Push down JavaScript filters

  • Resubmit messages for data corrections

Access control made simple

Secure data access by connecting to a user data database and easily define who can access what.

  • Fine-grained role-based access control

  • Integration with identity providers including Single Sign-On: Google, Github, Okta, OIDC

  • Bind users or groups to roles

  • Single pane with comprehensive access overview

  • Audit logs for all user requests

Integrated with Redpanda, compatible with Apache Kafka

Be more productive with Redpanda (or Kafka) with the Redpanda Console.

  • Supported with the Redpanda platform and Redpanda Cloud 

  • Connects to any Kafka API-compatible platform

  • Available free!


Looking to improve application performance and simplify data pipelines? Give Redpanda a try or get in touch with us to learn more.