From data pipelines to data products, Redpanda Connect puts an ecosystem of high performance connectors at your fingertips, helping you integrate data from disparate sources in the blink of an eye. Start building with a declarative integration framework that's a simplified and powerful alternative to heavy-duty systems. Now available for Redpanda Enterprise and Community editions.


Redpanda Connect features a huge collection of sources, sinks and processors under the Apache 2.0 license. Create new connectors with ease, with multiple plug-in strategies including native Go and your favorite Wasm-supported language. Use for free, or pay for expert support.


So reliable, it's boring

Redpanda Connect is boringly easy to scale. Deployed as a static Go binary with zero external dependencies, its compact design pairs well with Kubernetes or any other deployment model that can launch a single binary. So you can rest easy, no late-night debugging required.


Easy to run & manage

Single-click deployment designed for observability. A full toolset from CLI and SDKs to config validation, debugging, tracing and more.

Active open source community

With hundreds of contributors, Redpanda Connect features an active and helpful open source community, with a momentum for new ideas and features.


3x less compute resources than Kafka Connect. A single binary that's 128 MiB, with all connectors included.


No need to dive deep into Kafka internals. Quickly assemble pipelines with declarative config and APIs designed for data engineers.

Stream processing on easy mode

Windowing and other aggregations, without the extra infrastructure and overhead of Apache Flink™.

Full platform, end to end

A complete Redpanda platform — with end-to-end consistency across UI, connectors, streaming engine, and storage — for fast innovation and feature velocity.


So simple, there's no code

Easily and incrementally adapt data pipelines as requirements change. Define workflows in declarative YAML. Collaborate with git-ops version control. Redpanda Connect unifies the experience, from CLI to management console.


Frequently asked questions

How is Redpanda Connect priced?
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Use a wide range of Community and Certified connectors for free under the Apache 2.0 License, or purchase expert support for our collection of Certified connectors optimized for self-hosted deployments of Redpanda Enterprise.

Select Enterprise connectors (Splunk, Snowflake PUT, etc.) are only available through a paid Redpanda Connect plan. Contact Redpanda sales for more information.

What is the difference between Certified connectors and Community connectors?
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Certified connectors are tested for high performance and observability features for use with Redpanda Enterprise. All Certified connectors are included as part of a paid Redpanda Connect plan. Community connectors receive best-effort support in the Redpanda Community slack.

Community connectors and 99% of Certified connectors remain free to use. If you require expert support for a Community connector, please contact Redpanda sales.

Is Redpanda Connect based on Kafka Connect?
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Redpanda Connect is a complete alternative to Kafka Connect. It is an ecosystem of 220+ open source connectors, readily available. It can also be used as an SDK for advanced users. Based on the May 2024 acquisition of Benthos, Redpanda Connect connectors are optimized for performance when used with Redpanda Enterprise Edition, and paid plans unlock support and additional observability and security features.

Can I use something other than YAML?
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Redpanda Console will soon include an updated Benthos Studio UI, the visual config builder and collaboration tool that makes it easy for data teams to assemble and monitor pipelines. Be on the lookout for a new Studio section, coming soon to a Redpanda Console near you!


Use a wide range of connectors for free, or get paid support for connectors used with self-hosted deployments of Redpanda Enterprise.