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ByAlexander GallegoonFebruary 23, 2022
We raised an additional $50M to drive the future of streaming data. Join us!

Every nut and bolt rattled as we took off last year. We tripled our team to 60 people spread across 10+ countries. Hundreds of thousands of Redpanda clusters came to life in 2021. We onboarded startups and Fortune 1000s for mission-critical services. We partnered with customers across every major industry from IoT to ad-tech, finance, healthcare, electric vehicles, etc… Phew!. We even made it inside a space satellite — yup, there is a satellite running Redpanda.

For the uninitiated, Redpanda is a data streaming platform, redesigned from the ground up in C++ for modern hardware and with no external system dependencies. It’s also compatible with the entirety of the Apache Kafka® ecosystem, so you don’t have to change a single line of code to benefit from it. Redpanda makes streaming simpler, faster, reliable and limitless by unifying real-time and historical data with the same API. Ultimately, our mission is to make streaming accessible to every developer.

To continue to deliver on our mission, we’ve raised $50M led by GV, alongside our existing investors. We are now in a solid position to accelerate our global footprint, multi-cloud, low-latency streaming service, while putting the developer experience at the front and center of everything we do.

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Real-time first

Redpanda makes real-time as easy as batch. As practitioners, building real-time applications used to feel like distributed systems whack-a-mole. Regardless of industry, once a business learns to exploit the here-and-now of their data, they simply do not want to go back to stale results. This is only possible because of the enormous ecosystem that is compatible with Redpanda. Every single Kafka-API application should be able to run against a Redpanda deployment unchanged. Not one line of code is changed, or there’s a bug. The strength of the argument is in the thousands of applications running mission-critical, revenue-generating services on top of Redpanda. The world has moved to real-time first and Redpanda is here to make it easy.

The modern data ecosystem

Modern applications are in the middle of a real-time renaissance. Whether you are improving the trading performance of your application by 100x — as showcased by Alpaca — or you are consuming your OLTP as a CDC feed into your OLAP system, Redpanda is at the center of this market evolution. Redpanda is the glue connecting our entire partner ecosystem with MongoDB, SingleStore, Materialize, dbt Labs, Deephaven, Lightbend, and tens of other data products that cache, index, store and materialize streaming data into final projections.

Our commitment to you, the developer

When I built Redpanda, I wanted to place the developer experience at the center of the product. We built product lines like rpk, whose sole purpose is to make the command line experience delightful. We embedded Linux Kernel parameter tuning, GCP- and AWS-specific databases for particular instance type and block devices, so that when you run Redpanda for the first time, it wows you. Our next obsession is the launch of a globally distributed cloud with fine-grained resources, scale-to-zero, virtually unlimited scale focusing on the you — the last mile, the human experience.

All along, however, our strength has been in our focus on partnering with fantastic humans, doers, seasoned engineers, builders and hackers creating the future of data streaming.

Sound interesting? Join us to help us build the future of real-time data, for every developer. Apply here.

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