With Redpanda Serverless, there’s no infrastructure to deploy or systems to configure. The power is in its simplicity. Pay as you go to enjoy Redpanda’s high-performance streaming data platform as a fully managed service. Redpanda Serverless is currently released in Limited Availability on AWS.


Start fast, scale to zero!

It’s the easiest and fastest way to begin streaming data with Redpanda. Start small and iterate on a budget, with full confidence that your Redpanda code will scale to production.

  • Instant cluster creation at the click of a button

  • Predictable performance that automatically scales

  • Usage-based pricing, no fixed cost

  • Pay as you go with credit card


Leverage the Kafka ecosystem

No code changes. Any client library that talks directly to Kafka works with Redpanda.

Easy to use dashboard

Dev-friendly troubleshooting. Redpanda Console provides a simple web UI for visibility into partitions, topics, and messages.

Optimize price-performance

Fine-tune TCO. Use Serverless for starter workloads and pay as you go, then scale up to dedicated resources.

Instant onboarding

Go from cold start to “Hello, world!” in under 30 seconds. Create a basic application in less than a minute.

No DevOps needed

Experiment with Serverless without involving your ops team. No instances to configure or performance profiles to analyze.

Move at your own speed

A fully self-service experience. You’ll never have to talk to Redpanda to be productive.

Usage-based pricing, driven by traffic (ingress, egress), storage (retention) and partitions.

0 MBps
10 MBps
0 hours
720 hours

Frequently asked questions

What languages are supported?
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Redpanda validates a range of client libraries from the Kafka ecosystem, including libraries for Node.js, Python, Go, and more. Clients that have not been validated by Redpanda Data — but use the Kafka protocol — remain compatible with Redpanda Serverless, subject to certain limitations. Redpanda Serverless also provides in-console quickstart guides featuring franz-go, kafka-python, and KafkaJS.

How does the free trial work?
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New signups will get $100 in free credits, which expire in 14 days. To continue using Redpanda Serverless after the 14-day free trial period, users must enter a valid credit card within 7 days of trial expiration. Accounts remain active in perpetuity, but after this 7-day period, Redpanda will delete any data in an account that has not successfully registered a credit card.

How is Redpanda Serverless priced?
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Redpanda Serverless features usage-based pricing, billing users at the end of the month. We provide usage examples of small and large workloads in the pricing calculator above, but to summarize, we price Serverless usage on the following dimensions:

  • Per GB in (write) 0.1 USD
  • Per GB out (read) 0.1 USD
  • Per GB retained 0.1 USD
  • Per partition/hr 0.003 USD (no charge for replicas)

What is "limited" during the Limited Availability period?
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There is no SLA for the Limited Availability (LA) release of Redpanda Serverless. Other usage limits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ingress throughput of up to 10 MBps, with 0.5 MBps guaranteed
  • Egress throughput of up to 30 MBps, with 1.5 MBps guaranteed
  • Partitions: 100 max
  • Consumer groups: 200 max
  • Topics: 30 max

Why build a new cloud-native serverless tier?
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We are the most successful Kafka API implementation outside of Apache Kafka itself. What we learned while running the largest known Kafka workloads (5, 10, 20GB/s) is that in order to provide proper isolation, we needed to virtualize the entire TCP connection and session management. See the new architecture summary below.

High-level architecture of Redpanda Serverless tier

How does multi-tenancy work?
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We have been working on a full-on protocol virtualization layer for multiple years, so that it would require exactly zero changes to applications. Internally, Redpanda Serverless is a multi-tier architecture in the cloud — any cloud, any region upon demand.

In addition to broker-local, topic-aware, cluster balanced throttling mechanics, we needed a global fleet to adjust rates dynamically on a flat hierarchy of streams so we could absorb traffic spikes without needing to scale the fleet of backend cells. Redpanda Serverless’ mechanics enables the technology to do live TCP migration between cells within the Kafka-Metadata timeout duration allowing Redpanda to do live migration of terabytes of data in an instant. See the mechanics of whole-cluster restore for background information.

What is the SLA?
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Redpanda has a 99.95% uptime guarantee SLA on our Enterprise tiers today. Please reach out to us if you’d like to upgrade. For Serverless, expect industry standard SLAs on General Availability.

Does Serverless truly scale to zero? Are there any fixed costs?
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Yes, it truly scales to zero. If you do not use Redpand Serverless, we do not charge you, period. In fact the initial bytes in the read-only “hello-world” topic don't even go against your free trial funds!

Is Serverless feature-complete?
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At launch, the Redpanda Serverless LA is a production-ready scale-to-zero Kafka API. Native integration and schema support are on the roadmap. Please integrate with one of our launch partners for a best-of-breed streaming experience.

Does it use an S3 bucket for cross-zone replication?
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We call this Read Replicas and have had this capability for over 2 years. The ability to read directly from S3 without incurring intercluster transfer costs is available today in our Enterprise tiers. See more on our docs.

Does Redpanda Serverless feature managed connectors?
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Today, Redpanda Serverless does not provide managed connectors. Redpanda Dedicated and BYOC clusters do come with managed connectors. Please reach out if you’d like to upgrade.

Does Redpanda Serverless support Schema Registry?
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Redpanda Dedicated and BYOC come with managed Redpanda Schema Registry (compatible with Confluent serializers/deserializers). Please reach out if you’d like to upgrade.

What cloud providers and regions does Serverless support?
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Serverless is currently only available on AWS in the us-east-1 (Virginia) and eu-central-1 (Frankfurt) regions. Ask for a region via #serverless in the community Slack team.


Redpanda Serverless is the quickest route to cost-efficient streaming data applications. Sign up and get your 14-day free trial, no credit card required. Here's what you'll get:

  • Usage-based pricing: No long-term commitments.

  • Seamlessly scale: Upgrade path to dedicated resources.

  • Serverless Kafka API: Use your favorite client library — Redpanda handles the rest.

  • Instant cluster creation: Test new clusters as requirements change.