Explore all the capabilities of Redpanda Enterprise or Redpanda Cloud for free for 30 days. Or use the Community Edition free, forever.

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Let's get you started with a free trial with Redpanda Cloud. You can choose between two managed service options outlined below. Not sure? Let our team help!

Fully Managed Cloud (FMC)

A fully managed Redpanda cluster, hosted in AWS or GCP, on dedicated infrastructure, with configurable instance types.

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

Fully managed Redpanda cluster in your VPC! Total freedom from operations while your data remains private to your environment. We manage the provisioning, monitoring, and upgrades!

Get your 30-day free trial license!

Request a trial enterprise license key and apply to your cluster to unlock all the capabilities of Redpanda Enterprise.

Enterprise Edition

Host your own Redpanda cluster in an environment of your choice. Redpanda Enterprise comes with all capabilities native to the platform and lets you tailor your cluster to your specific needs.

  • 10x faster event streaming

  • Built-in support for HTTP proxy and schema registry

  • Data transforms

  • Prometheus support

  • Fine-grained ACLs and TLS encryption

  • Intelligent tiered storage

  • Remote read replicas

  • Continuous data balancing

  • Redpanda Console with SSO/RBAC


Need help?

If you're looking to learn how Redpanda can help you power new streaming data initiatives , or modernize existing pipelines, improve performance, simplify architecture, and reduce costs, please talk to us. You might also score some cool swag!

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