Redpanda is a Kafka®-compatible streaming data platform that is up to 10x faster and 6x more hardware-efficient. It is also JVM-free, ZooKeeper®-free, Jepsen-tested and source available.

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Developers love Redpanda

Make quick work of streaming data

A single binary with built-in everything. No ZooKeeper®. No JVM. Deploys in minutes. Spins up in milliseconds. Plays nice with Kubernetes and microservices. Works natively with your Kafka tools. Love streaming again!


Craft the snappiest user experiences

Built by performance-obsessed engineers to deliver up to 10x lower average latencies and up to 6x faster Kafka transactions without compromising correctness. Power new use cases that are beyond the grasp of other streaming data platforms.


Go mission-critical without worry

Jepsen-verified to keep your data safe and secure, our Raft-based storage engine keeps your data replicated — without a performance hit. Scales to gigabytes-per-second throughput and petabytes of storage. Keeps latencies predictable, no matter the load. Ready to drive some serious business growth.


Save money (and the planet)

Reduce your Kafka node count by up to 6x without compromising latency. Retain infinite history without expensive local disks. Eliminate duplicate storage for read-only clusters and disaster recovery. An engine of record for all your apps. What will you build with it?

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What's under the hood?

Designed in C++

Redpanda ekes the best performance out of every core, disk, memory chip and network byte. With a native thread-per-core architecture, it scales up to saturate any deployment platform, be it an edge computing system, multi-core cloud instances, or bare metal hardware!

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A single-binary architecture

Redpanda is architected without dependencies. Each node is a single process that is self-sufficient and operates standalone. This reduces the failure points in your streaming stack and ends the game of distributed systems whack-a-mole.

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Raft ftw

Redpanda uses an optimistic approach to the Raft consensus protocol for managing its replicated log, giving you sound primitives for configuration and data-replication. No matter the scale, we keep your data safe, without sacrificing performance.

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Self-managing and self-healing

Native anti-entropy mechanisms maintain your cluster in its optimal state through data imbalances and node failures. Redpanda intelligently redistributes data partitions and leadership so your admins don't have to.

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It just works

Kafka compatible

Redpanda natively supports the Kafka API so it works out-of-the-box with your existing tools and integrations. If it talks Kafka, Redpanda can connect with it!


Take Redpanda for a spin!

Looking to improve application performance and simplify data pipelines? Give Redpanda a try or get in touch with us to learn more!

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