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Redpanda is a simple, powerful, and cost-efficient streaming data platform. With Redpanda Platform, Enterprise Edition, you get the complete control of a self-hosted environment with support for 10GBps+ workloads, cost-efficient tiered storage, and direct access to Redpanda solutions experts.

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Redpanda Platform, Enterprise

Redpanda Platform, Enterprise Edition offers the complete Redpanda platform — a simple, powerful, and cost-efficient Kafka-compatible streaming data solution — with full commercial support, plus Enterprise features including tiered storage, data balancing, read replicas, and SSO.

Redpanda Platform, Community

Redpanda Platform, Community Edition gives you the freedom to use Redpanda in a free, source available version under the BSL license. Install the single binary on your machine and let loose the power of Redpanda for your development and test operations.

The Redpanda platform

Kafka compatibility without the complexity. A single binary to deploy and scale for GBps workloads, with up to 10x lower latency and 6x lower TCO

Enterprise features

Go production with confidence using Enterprise features like intelligent tiered storage, remote read replicas, continuous cluster balancing, and single sign-on (SSO)

Expert Support

24x7 commercial support and helpdesk with SLAs, designated account manager, and direct access to Redpanda solutions experts


Looking to improve application performance and simplify data pipelines? Give Redpanda a try or get in touch with us to learn more!

Operational simplicity

A single binary that is simple to deploy and scale, with zero external dependencies. Fully Kafka API-compatible.


Performance-engineered design in C++ maximizes hardware utilization, reducing latency up to 10x vs Kafka.

Lower TCO

Achieve up to 6x in TCO savings by reducing compute footprint, storage costs, and administrative overhead.


Safe for mission critical data, with Raft durability, Multi-AZ high availability, read replicas, and self-healing capabilities.

Production with confidence

Use Redpanda for the most demanding 10GBps+ workloads with the extra peace of mind that 24x7 support gives you.

Compliance readiness

Enterprise security, access management, and on-hand expertise help get you across the compliance finish line.


CapabilityEnterprise EditionCommunity Edition
Single binary deployment with brokers, http proxy, schema registry, and Raft consensus built-inGreen check icon.Green check icon.
Apache Kafka API compatibility; no need to rewrite existing applicationsGreen check icon.Green check icon.
Performance-engineered in C++ with a thread-per-core architecture and opt-in write caching to maximize modern hardware and achieve up to 10x lower latency versus Kafka and predictable p99sGreen check icon.Green check icon.
Consumes 1/3rd the compute resources of Apache Kafka, resulting in significant infrastructure cost savingsGreen check icon.Green check icon.
A durable and reliable system built with Raft native replication, Jepsen tested to be safe, without data lossGreen check icon.Green check icon.
Intelligent tiered storage, compatible with Amazon S3 / Google Cloud Storage / Azure Blob Storage, providing near-infinite data retention while keeping costs to a minimumGreen check icon.-
Redpanda Console, the most complete web UI for visibility into your data streams with powerful tools for time travel debugging and cluster administrationGreen check icon.Green check icon.
Inline data transforms, powered by Wasm, for efficient pipelines and stateless processing that never leaves the brokerGreen check icon.Green check icon.
Redpanda Connect, 200+ open-source connectors, pre-built for easy integration of disparate data sources, sinks and processorsGreen check icon.Green check icon.
Access to Redpanda Connect enterprise security features, support, and select optimized connectors as a paid add-onGreen check icon.-
Built-in observability via Prometheus for monitoring the health and performance of Redpanda clustersGreen check icon.Green check icon.
Support for Edge and ARM server deploymentsGreen check icon.Green check icon.
Fine-grained ACLs and TLS encryptionGreen check icon.Green check icon.
Role-based access control (RBAC)Green check icon.-
Remote read replicas to easily distribute your data for analytics use cases while protecting operational clustersGreen check icon.-
Continuous data and partition balancing to keep clusters in an optimal state, reducing administrative overheadGreen check icon.-
Secure single sign-on (SSO) for protecting Redpanda Console user interfaceGreen check icon.-
OIDC and Kerberos authenticationGreen check icon.-
Audit logging to support compliance requirementsGreen check icon.-
24x7 commercial support and help desk, with SLAsGreen check icon.-
Dedicated account managerGreen check icon.-
Direct Slack channelGreen check icon.-
Access to Redpanda solution expertsGreen check icon.-

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