Redpanda Skating

Single binary

A single process with built-in schema registry, http proxy, and message broker capabilities makes it easy to deploy and scale your clusters in self-managed environments.

Kafka API-compatible

Using Kafka? Migrate to Redpanda without application code changes. New to data streaming? You get to use the entire Kafka ecosystem out-of-the box.

Local dev, CI/CD

Deploys in minutes, spins up in seconds, and runs efficiently wherever you develop – containers, laptops, x86 and ARM hardware, edge platforms, cloud instances, etc.

Developer-first CLI

Ships with RPK, a single tool for managing your entire Redpanda cluster. It handles everything from low-level tuning to node configuration, and tasks like topic creation.

No ZooKeeper. No JVM.

100% freedom from external dependencies makes for easier deployments in modern environments such as Kubernetes and edge computing. No more time sunk into tuning the JVM.

Easy configuration

An innovative central configuration system that lets you specify cluster-wide configuration properties in a single place, and automatically replicates them across all nodes using Raft.


10x lower avg latencies

Up to 10x lower average latencies on existing hardware, even under sustained loads. Want to know how we do it? Read this drill-down for all the details.

6x faster transactions

Thanks to several architectural optimizations, including an optimistic approach to Raft and parallel commits that deliver up to 6x faster transactions.

Predictable p99s

No page cache, no locking, minimal context switching, and thread-local memory access ensure application latencies you can bet your business on.

6x fewer resources

Written in C++ using a thread-per-core model to maximize utilization of hardware. Reduces hardware footprint by up to 6x for the same throughput.

Automatic hardware tuning

Comes bundled with an auto-tuner, turning your regular Linux machine into a performance-optimized appliance that further boosts Redpanda's speed.


No data loss, ever

Built on Raft and safe by default — no need to tweak settings. Get the data safety you need without incurring a performance penalty. See the official Jepsen Report.

Petabyte scale

Scales from your laptop to petabytes of data without impacting code. Scales horizontally or vertically — just add more nodes or allocate more cores as your workload grows.

Automatic balancing

Automatic rebalancing of data and leadership ensures reliable operation at scale and minimizes errors (while also eliminating a lot manual effort).

Multi-AZ support

Cloud outages? No problem. Distribute your clusters across multiple availability zones (or racks) to increase system availability.

Native Prometheus

Built-in observability via Prometheus enables you to monitor your Redpanda clusters using your favorite DevOps and open source tooling.


Intelligent tiered storage

Breakthrough shadow indexing architecture for efficiently managing large amounts of data. Use of cloud object stores keeps cost to a minimum.

Onboard data transforms

Built-in data transforms to enrich data or apply routine business logic without ping-ponging across additional processing infrastructure.

Transparent time travel

Time travel across both historical and real-time data without performance penalties using a common Kafka API. No additional coding necessary.

Engine of record

Serves as a single-API "engine of record" for all your streaming applications and services — OLTP, RTA and OLAP.


Build and operate your own Redpanda clusters or hop onto the Redpanda Cloud. Mix and match cloud cluster types (FMC or BYOC) to best suit your needs.

Self-hosted deployment

The self-hosted option lets you build and manage your own clusters to your specifications. Deploy Redpanda anywhere your applications live — private cloud, edge environments, or public cloud platform.

  • Tailor your hardware and Redpanda configurations to your workloads

  • Comply easily with regulatory requirements such as GDPR

  • Manage with your home-grown DevOps toolchain

Fully Managed Cloud (FMC)

Leave management of your streaming data to the experts (that's us). FMC clusters are dedicated instances of Redpanda that we provision and manage for you so you can focus on your applications.

  • Dedicated (single-tenant) Redpanda clusters

  • Configurable instance types across AWS and GCP

  • Easily expand clusters as your needs grow

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

Run Redpanda in your VPC, and let us operate the control plane. Eliminate any data privacy concerns and take advantage of volume discounts from your cloud provider. BYOC gives you the best of both worlds.

  • Run the data plane (Redpanda) in your own environment

  • We manage provisioning, monitoring, and upgrades

  • Sensitive data and credentials never leave your environment

Take Redpanda for a spin!

Looking to improve application performance and simplify data pipelines? Give Redpanda a try or get in touch with us to learn more!


Redpanda is compatible with Kafka, yet dramatically simpler, faster, and safer. Check out the comparison below or read our detailed report.

Kafka API compatibleGreen check icon.Green check icon.
Support for Kafka connectorsGreen check icon.Green check icon.
Support for schema registryRequires a separate binaryGreen check icon.
Support for HTTP proxyRequires a separate binaryGreen check icon.
Single binary to deploy and manage-Green check icon.
ZooKeeper®-free operations-Green check icon.
JVM-free environment-Green check icon.
Up to 6x faster Kafka transactions-Green check icon.
Predictable low latency under high load-Green check icon.
Automatic hardware tuning-Green check icon.
Zero data loss by defaultReduces performanceGreen check icon.
Automatic data and load rebalancing-Green check icon.
Native support for Prometheus-Green check icon.
Onboard data transforms-Green check icon.
Redpanda doing a skating trick.

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