A no-compromise Kafka Cloud

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Flexibility FOR your business needs

Redpanda Cloud is a complete streaming data platform delivered as a fully managed service, with automated upgrades and patching, data and partition balancing, built-in connectors, and 24x7 support. Available with cluster options that suit your unique requirements for data sovereignty, infrastructure operations, and development teams.

BYOC clusters

BYOC (bring your own cloud) clusters are hosted on your cloud, but are fully managed by Redpanda! BYOC gives you a fully-managed Kafka API-compatible streaming data environment, while meeting your data sovereignty and privacy requirements.

  • Redpanda clusters hosted on your cloud

  • We manage provisioning, monitoring, and maintenance

  • Sensitive data and credentials never leave your environment

Dedicated clusters

Dedicated clusters are hosted on our cloud infrastructure in AWS or GCP, and managed, monitored, and maintained for you by Redpanda, so you can focus on building your Kafka applications and data pipelines.

  • Single-tenant Redpanda clusters hosted on our cloud resources

  • Configurable instance types across AWS and GCP

  • Easily expand clusters as your needs grow

Serverless clusters

Serverless clusters are hosted on shared infrastructure, securely isolated, and fully managed by Redpanda! Serverless is the fastest and most efficient way for developers to start building streaming applications.

  • Instant cluster creation with zero base cost

  • Predictable performance with minimal configuration

  • Available in only select cloud provider regions

Looking to simplify data pipelines, reduce costs and boost performance? Signup for Redpanda Serverless for free or get in touch with us for a demo!

Heavy cloud cover, clear skies ahead

Complexity free

A complete data streaming environment in a single fully managed service, including brokers, HTTP proxy, and schema registry. Zero external dependencies for you to manage. 

Cost effective

Runs on 3x fewer compute resources on average vs. Apache Kafka, reducing infra spend. Redpanda’s tiered storage delivers up to 8-9x savings in long term data retention costs.

Extreme performance

Maximizes the performance potential of today’s hardware, resulting in higher throughput and lower latencies vs. other Kafka cloud services.

Simple and productive

Integrated Redpanda Console helps you breeze through development and debugging tasks. Gain visibility into topics, manage consumer groups, and explore real-time data.

Data sovereignty

Redpanda Cloud gives you the flexibility to deploy fully managed clusters in your own VPC, giving you complete control over your data without losing the ease of cloud.

Kafka connected

Built-in connectors for popular data systems including MongoDB, Snowflake, S3, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. Native API compatibility with the full range of Kafka ecosystem tools.


Raft native architecture provides data safety and reliability at scale. Day-2 stability with automatic cluster balancing, managed upgrades and patching, and a 99.9% uptime SLA.

Ops friendly

Upgrades with no downtime. Cluster monitoring available natively via Prometheus. Infinite data retention with retention controls. 24x7 support.


Redpanda Cloud is available on both AWS and GCP, with Azure support coming soon. Deploy clusters on multiple clouds using the same Redpanda account.

Marketplace support

Redpanda BYOC and Dedicated Cloud offers available on both AWS and GCP marketplaces. Also available directly at Redpanda.com.


Redpanda Serverless is the quickest route to cost-efficient streaming data applications. Sign up and get your 14-day free trial, no credit card required. Here's what you'll get:

  • Usage-based pricing: No long-term commitments.

  • Seamlessly scale: Upgrade path to dedicated resources.

  • Serverless Kafka API: Use your favorite client library — Redpanda handles the rest.

  • Instant cluster creation: Test new clusters as requirements change.