Redpanda’s fully managed service optimizes price performance, adds managed Apache Iceberg connector and schema registry console

November 27, 2023

Las Vegas, NV (November 27, 2023) – Streaming data pioneer Redpanda announced today at AWS re:Invent 2023 a number of advanced new capabilities for Redpanda Cloud, the company’s powerful and easy-to-use streaming data service. Apache Kafka® API-compatible and fully managed by Redpanda streaming data experts, Redpanda Cloud now supports ARM-based AWS Graviton processors on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), bringing greater hardware performance, including up to 50% lower VM costs, and as much as a 2x increase in partition counts. The latest Redpanda Cloud update also brings a managed Apache Iceberg connector for easier data lake integration, and a simple user interface for schema registry management.

At the core of Redpanda Cloud is a streaming data engine that is performance-engineered in C++ to efficiently manage GBps+ throughputs, uses tiered object storage to reduce the cost of data retention, and avoids any data loss due to its Raft-native architecture. Redpanda’s industry-first Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) deployment option solves the challenges of data sovereignty in the cloud. By cleanly separating the data plane from the control plane, BYOC ensures that the user’s data and underlying security credentials are stored on the user’s cloud infrastructure, rather than on Redpanda’s.

“We needed a scalable alternative to Kafka in the cloud, one that could handle our multiple gigabyte-per-second workloads without incurring increased costs,” said Rich Armstrong, Director of Engineering at adtech pioneer Sovrn. “The BYOC option for Redpanda Cloud gives us the managed service experience we require, while enabling us to reduce costs and take advantage of our discounted rates for AWS compute, storage and networking services. Now, with Redpanda’s new ARM support we expect to gain even more dramatic cost efficiencies while scaling to new heights.”

New capabilities in Redpanda Cloud include:

  • ARM support cuts costs, doubles partition support: With support for ARM-based AWS Graviton-powered Amazon EC2 instances, Redpanda Cloud users not only significantly reduce their costs, they can also scale to as much as twice the number of partitions at the same cost as previous generation instances. These efficiencies extend cost-savings previously available with Redpanda BYOC and unlock a broad range of new streaming data use cases in the cloud.

  • Streamlined analytics with Apache Iceberg managed connector: With the addition of a fully managed connector for Apache Iceberg, Redpanda Cloud now gives users an easy way to analyze Redpanda data streams using tools that support the open-source Iceberg format — including Snowflake, Databricks, Google BigQuery, Amazon Athena, ClickHouse, Tabular, Starburst, Dremio, Spark, Hive, and Presto. This enables users to store Redpanda data as Iceberg files in object storage for ad hoc analytics, without having to pay for importing and storing data in multiple analytics systems.

  • Simplified schema registry management: Redpanda Cloud adds schema management features to Redpanda Console, bringing visual tooling that helps even non-experts run typical schema operations with ease. Users can now perform schema operations directly in the UI, including creation, versioning, browsing/searching, interacting with typed topics and import/export.

“Our obsession with optimizing performance continues to pay dividends to Redpanda Cloud customers who are looking to scale their systems while keeping costs low,” said Praseed Balakrishnan, Head of Cloud Product, Redpanda. “From the hardware efficiencies we’ve engineered into our core streaming data engine, to the data transfer efficiencies made available by our BYOC deployment model, and most recently with our support for ARM-based Amazon EC2 instances, with each successive release we deliver greater cost efficiencies to users of our fully managed service.”

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About Redpanda

Redpanda is the streaming data platform for developers. API-compatible with Apache Kafka, Redpanda introduces a breakthrough architecture and disruptive capabilities that make it a simple, fast, reliable, and unified engine of record for both real-time and historical enterprise data. Innovators like Lacework, Jump Trading, Vodafone, Moody’s, Hotels Network and Alpaca rely on Redpanda to process hundreds of terabytes of data a day. Backed by premier venture investors Lightspeed, GV and Haystack VC, Redpanda is a diverse, people-first organization with teams distributed around the globe. To learn more, visit our website at and follow the company on X (formerly Twitter) at @redpandadata.


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