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ByTowfiqa YasmeenonJune 6, 2024
What’s new: Redpanda Cloud API beta release

Today, we’re excited to announce the beta release of the Redpanda Cloud API, a REST API that allows developers to harness the power of Redpanda Cloud. You can call the API endpoints directly or use third-party tools to automate cluster management and manage Redpanda Cloud resources.

This release is available for all Redpanda Cloud customers using Dedicated and BYOC clusters. It represents a significant milestone in our mission to provide a modern streaming data platform built for mission-critical systems — in a fully managed, cloud-native service.

Here’s what you need to know about the Redpanda Cloud API.

What is Redpanda Cloud?

Redpanda Cloud is a next-generation streaming platform built to handle the demands of modern data-intensive applications. Redpanda Cloud combines the high performance of Apache Kafka® with the simplicity of modern cloud-native architectures.

It offers scalability, fault tolerance, and low-latency processing, making it an ideal solution for various use cases, from real-time analytics to event-driven microservices. Available in BYOC, Dedicated, and Serverless options, Redpanda Cloud has been designed to meet your unique requirements for data sovereignty, infrastructure operations, and data application needs.

Redpanda Cloud API — keeping the simple things simple

A human-driven “Click Ops” experience via UX can be error-prone and lacks repeatability. Today’s enterprise, DevOps-minded customers require an Infrastructure-as-Code approach to create, configure, and manage infrastructure in a code-driven, configuration-driven, repeatable process. The Redpanda Cloud API is designed to help customers do that and more.

In short, the Redpanda Cloud API allows you to interact with different parts of Redpanda Cloud to simplify and streamline tasks such as:

  • Creating and managing Redpanda Cloud resources

  • Scaling your use of Redpanda Cloud

  • Enabling self-service and automation

We’ve already seen various uses of the Redpanda Cloud API by our customers. For example, one enterprise banking customer’s DevOps team created CI/CD pipelines to manage Redpanda Cloud resources such as Topics, Users, and ACLs (Access Control Lists).

Another customer uses the Redpanda Cloud API to allow self-service onboarding of new users to Redpanda Cloud. This automation allows internal teams to onboard quickly and remove additional humans from the process.

Lastly, a data analytics customer uses the Redpanda Cloud API to allow the self-service creation of BYOC clusters with Private Service Connect on the Google Cloud Platform.

These applications are just the tip of the iceberg, so here’s what you need to know to get started.

Getting started with the Redpanda Cloud API

It’s easy to get up and running with our Cloud API. Here are the key resources to help you jump right in.

It’s in beta — so tell us what you think!

Once you get comfortable with the Redpanda Cloud API, we want to hear from you! Whether it’s product feedback, suggestions for future updates, or just to tell us what cool capabilities the Redpanda Cloud API unlocks for you. Stay tuned as we expand the public beta to include Cloud API access for Redpanda Serverless clusters!

To share your feedback, join the Redpanda Community on Slack and chat with our team. If you want the latest updates on what’s changing with the Redpanda Cloud API, visit the API Reference page and click on “Sign up for updates'' so you don't miss a thing.

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