Up to 6x lower

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Shrink your cloud compute, storage and admin costs

Redpanda is purpose-built to run efficiently on multi-core hardware, ensuring high throughput on today's systems. It outperforms legacy Kafka by being 6x more cost-effective for the same workload, while reducing your carbon footprint.

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1/3rd the compute footprint

Shrinks your compute footprint to 1/3rd or less while delivering better performance when compared to other Apache Kafka based solutions.

More efficient data retention

Leverages a tiered cloud object storage architecture to retain data more economically, while increasing the availability of historical data.

6x lower total costs

Proven to reduce total cost of ownership by up to 6x by shrinking the compute, storage and maintenance costs of running clusters.

How are we able to reduce costs?

Redpanda combines innovations like thread-per-core design and a single binary architecture with a cloud-first storage to significantly reduce total costs.

Thread-per-core execution

Utilizes a thread-per-core architecture and C++ framework to ekes out the maximum performance from today’s hardware, resulting in higher throughput and lower latencies using 1/3rd the nodes or fewer compared to other Kafka services.

Cloud-first storage

Intelligent tiered storage engine offloads real time data from log segments to cloud object storage in your infrastructure (S3, GCS, Azure Blob or other S3-compatible storage), delivering up to 8-9x savings in long term data retention costs.

Single binary architecture

Built using a zero-dependency architecture — ZooKeeper™ and KRaft free, JVM free, nothing else to manage but Redpanda nodes — to significantly reduce administrative overhead and engineering time spent tuning clusters.

Self-managing clusters

Automated management of data on disk to rebalance the cluster eliminates hotspots, and self heals without manual intervention, significantly reducing Day 2 operations at scale and resulting in fast startup times for CI/CD pipelines.


Redpanda platform is available as fully-managed service via Redpanda Cloud. It is also available for self hosting as a commercially supported Enterprise Edition and a free (BSL) Community Edition.

Redpanda Platform

Deploy Redpanda your own way!

Enterprise Edition

Easy to deploy, easy to develop with, easy to scale. Say goodbye to your Kafka ghosts from the past.

Community Edition

Free to use, with source available under BSL. 

Redpanda Cloud

Fully-managed Redpanda cloud services.

BYOC Clusters

Fully managed Redpanda clusters deployed in your VPC, on your cloud resources. 

Dedicated Clusters

Fully managed Redpanda clusters deployed on Redpanda cloud resources. 

How does it stack up

Comparison Redpanda Kafka ( What is Redpanda )

Performance benchmark

10x faster in tail latencies on 1/3rd the hardware when running at GBps+ speeds.

Jepsen Report

An analysis of our official Jepsen report, including write-write conflicts in the Apache Kafka protocol.

Cost comparison

Redpanda is 1/6th the total costs of Apache Kafka.

InfoWorld review

Redpanda gives Kafka a run for its money!

We're confident that we will shrink your compute, storage and admin costs, while significantly improve pipeline performance — all at once. Get in touch for a detailed assessment based on your workload!