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Open House

Watch the keynotes, tech talks, and case studies presented at our 2022 Open House user conference.

Are we there yet?

CEO Alex Gallego talks about the ways Redpanda has improved streaming data – and unveils new products and capabilities from Redpanda.

To stream or not to stream?

This fireside chat between Kelsey and Alex Gallego includes a candid look at when streaming data is the best approach for a use case — and when it is not.

The future of data engineering

The authors of Fundamentals of Data Engineering talk about the democratization of streaming, the rise of unstructured data, and new data paradigms.

Use Case
LiveRamp: Privacy safe streaming

Hear why leading data enablement platform LiveRamp chose Redpanda, how they use it and lessons they learned along the way.

Use Case
Lacework: Pipedreaming with Redpanda

Hear how Lacework built a scalable, reliable, efficient, cloud-agnostic streaming data pipeline to power its cloud security platform with Redpanda.

Use Case
StoneX: Redpanda for retail trading

Insight into how the StoneX Retail business unit is reducing costs and improving scale for their for latency-sensitive business products.

Live Demo
See Redpanda Cloud in action

Unveiling what's new and cool in Redpanda Cloud, including a look at architectural changes to our cloud service – and a live demo.

Lightning Talk
Tiered Storage

Hear about our tiered storage architecture, the benefits it brings and example use cases – from the team that built it.

Lightning Talk
Remote Read Replicas

See our Remote Read Replicas in action. This demo will show you why it's like having a CDN for your streaming data.

Reports & Guides

Get the latest free Redpanda reports and digital guides.

Migrating from Apache Kafka to Redpanda

Your migration handbook to smoothly transition from Kafka to Redpanda.

Redpanda architecture and sizing guide

Our recommended guidelines for sizing production Redpanda clusters.

Introduction to Apache Kafka

Using Kafka optimally requires some expert insights like the kind we share in this guide on Kafka.

Mastering performance in Apache Kafka

Learn how to optimize Kafka performance with producer, consumer, broker, and message configurations.

Redpanda vs Kafka TCO/perf benchmark

Redpanda is 10x faster, while reducing costs by 6x. See all the data.

Kafka vs Redpanda capability comparison

Learn what sets Redpanda apart from Apache Kafka® while offering Kafka-compatibility.

Redpanda's official Jepsen report

Analysis of our official Jepsen report, including a look at write-write conflicts in the Apache Kafka® protocol.

Build operational systems with Redpanda

Exploring event-driven microservice architectures for payments systems.

Gaming industry use cases report

See how esports and game development teams can realize real-time patterns with Redpanda.


Here you'll find upcoming and on-demand talks by Redpanda and our customers.

Boost Dev Productivity with Redpanda & Testcontainers

See how Redpanda and Testcontainers help devs improve their Kafka testing practices, learn the benefits of Test Driven Design.

On-Demand Webinar
Building real-time data apps with Redpanda & Decodable

See how to combine streaming data powered by Redpanda with stream processing from Decodable to build real-time data apps for your business.

On-Demand Webinar
Data Sovereignty in the Cloud: Data Security Meets SaaS Efficiency

See how our Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) deployment solves data sovereignty while also providing expert maintenance and support.

On-Demand Webinar
Comparing the Performance and Cost of Streaming Data Platforms

Join our Solutions Architects for an in-depth benchmark comparison of throughput, latency and costs.

On-Demand Webinar
Building a distributed data platform for the hospitality industry

Hotels Network CTO ​​Jordi Miró Bruix shares how his team built a distributed real-time data platform that processes >10PB per month. 

On-Demand Webinar
Redpanda Jepsen report webinar

Kyle Kingsbury has made a career of improving the safety of distributed systems. With his Jepsen test, he explores whether a system lives up to its claims, files new bugs, and makes recommendations for operators.

On-Demand Webinar
Performance comparison: Graviton2 Arm vs Intel X86

Roko Kruse steps us through the performance of Graviton-based systems vs x86 hardware for real-time streaming data applications.

On-Demand Webinar
Bringing transactionality to the streaming ecosystem

Roko Kruze gives an architectural overview of Redpanda and shows how it brings durability and replayability to real-time systems.

On-Demand Webinar
Simplifying streaming data transforms with Wasm

James Kinley provides an overview of a Wasm-based data transformation architecture, and shows how it can improve real-time applications and data pipelines.


Check out upcoming and on-demand virtual workshop sessions.

Migrating from Kafka to Redpanda

In this workshop you'll learn how to smoothly transition your clusters. We’ll cover planning, migrating, testing and troubleshooting.

Working with Redpanda

This session covered techniques, tips and tricks for how best to configure & deploy Redpanda. We’ll cover configuration, replication, high availability and more.

Getting started with Redpanda

In our beginner's guide to Redpanda we cover architecture, commonalities and differences from Kafka, installing Redpanda, with Q&A throughout.

Getting started w/Redpanda in K8s

Learn how to install Redpanda in a Kubernetes cluster, deployment considerations, cluster configuration, day 2 operations and more.

On-demand workshop
Streaming data at the edge

Join technical experts from Redpanda and Tinybird for this interactive workshop on building a high-performance IoT backend.

On-demand workshop
Tiered Storage and Remote Read Replicas

Watch this interactive session, where we stepped our audience through Remote Read Replicas – including a demo – and answered their questions live. 

On-demand workshop
New Features in Redpanda 22.2

See the new features and capabilities in Redpanda 22.2: Continuous Data Balancing, Remote Read Replicas and a demo our Redpanda Console.

On-demand workshop
Tiered storage architecture

Learn about our ground-breaking tiered-storage architecture and how to leverage object stores for limitless ingestion and retention of data.

Redpanda benchmarks

See the findings of our performance-obsessed engineers.

Performance of Redpanda vs Apache Kafka

This blog post covers what's great about Apache Kafka® API and where we found room for improvement.

Arm vs Intel comparison benchmark

Comparing Graviton-based systems vs x86 hardware for real-time applications.

Redpanda vs Kafka transactions

See how with Redpanda you don't have to choose between transactionality and performance.

Redpanda vs Kafka replication protocols

An availability footprint of the Redpanda and Apache Kafka® replication protocols.

Tech talks

Watch our tech visionaries draw out Redpanda subsystems, interfaces, and more.

Tech Talk
From batch to real-time: The evolution of streaming data

Redpanda founder Alex Gallego live-draws the evolution of streaming data and what’s left to do in building real-time data infrastructure.

Tech Talk
Unify real-time and historical data with Shadow Indexing

Redpanda founder Alex Gallego talks and illustrates how we built our Shadow Indexing tiered storage system for limitless ingestion and retention of data.

Tech Talk
Optimizing Redpanda's read path for tiered storage

Redpanda founder and CEO Alex Gallego discusses Redpanda internals, live-drawing about how we optimize the read path for tiered storage.

Tech Talk
Write path optimizations for tiered storage

Redpanda founder Alex Gallego illustrates subsystems, this time focusing on write path optimizations for tiered storage.

Tech Talk
Redpanda's internal communication infrastructure

Redpanda creator Alex Gallego illustrates the custom RPC library used by Redpanda for blazing-fast, CPU-efficient communication between servers.

Tech Talk
A demonstration of Redpanda Console (Kowl)

Alex Gallego is joined by Kowl co-creator Martin Schneppenheim for an overview of what the Kowl UI brings to the Redpanda product suite.

Tech Talk
Migrating from Confluent Cloud to Redpanda

Watch a migration from Confluent Cloud to Redpanda, and get an overview of Redpanda’s compatibility with Apache Kafka®.

Tech Talk
See how consumer groups work in Redpanda

Principal engineer Noah Watkins joins Alex Gallego to discuss (and draw) how Redpanda consumer groups differ from those in Kafka.

Tech Talk
Fireside chat with LinkedIn's Kafka and Samza teams

We talk to LinkedIn's Apache Kafka® and Samza teams and dive deep into the technical architecture of Redpanda.

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